Autumn Meeting 22nd of January 2021 – ZOOM




Autumn Meeting 22nd of January 2021

Indranil Chakrabarti

EX. President (in absence of Bob Kerry President)

Mohammad Maqsood

Hon Sec

The Willows

Burton, Lincoln



Tel: 07854803828


22nd 0f JANUARY 2021

Dear Members,

Our last meeting, held on ZOOM on 22nd of January 2021 Friday evening at 7 PM. This meeting was arranged on ZOOM because of lock down due to COVID-19 and we have been unable to arrange our meeting from March 2020. We have to cancel a few of our programmes and activities due to COVID-19 Pandemic. Our meetings in Malta and visits to Porton Down were cancelled and the club never been able to meet since then. It was great to meet on ZOOM and be able to find out each other’s wellbeing and Pandemic impact in their respective regions and hospitals. We have the opportunity to discuss and update our activities and future plans.

Friday 22nd 2021

We gathered in the evening on ZOOM at & pm. All those members who could attend were punctual and everyone logged on at scheduled time. Meeting was hosted by Mr Mohammad Maqsood secretary of the club and presided by Mr Indranil Chakrabarti president of the club. Thanks to all the members who attended the meeting and those who send their apologies, we must say that we missed you. Although it was a virtual meeting but to be honest was a great pleasure and amazing feelings after meeting everyone on this forum.


Chakrabarti, Kerry, Beauchamp, Salim, Bradley, Aspinall, Birks, Wembridge, Farhan, Norris, Smith, Maqsood, Fazal Ali, Tulwa,


Flower, Roberts, Giles, Gopal, Hamilton

Unplanned Absence;

Bruce, Omonbude, Lawton, Lee, Sherman, Veysi, Grogan, Bruce, Radcliffe, Farndon, Pandit, Shanker, Rowsell, Madan, Nicolaou, Mcwilliam, White, Qureshi, Beard.

Friday 22nd 7 PM

The club gathered on ZOOM most of them enjoying drinks in their hands and cheered to meet after so long. Meeting started on time.

Welcome by President

Indranil our President welcomed everyone and those who could not attend and send apologies will receive the minutes of the meeting by post. He said I am pleased to welcome you all, knowing that it is a difficult time for everyone due to Pandemic Covid-19. All of you who are working on the front line and fighting with Covid-19 putting your life and your family’s life at risk deserve appreciation and thanks from all the communities. Those who could not attend, we hope we will catch up with you soon in the next coming events, organised by The Holdsworth club.

The club President

Traditionally the club president is nominated by the members and supported by others, who are still working in the NHS. Mr Indranil Chakrabarti current president who has completed his term and he has stepped down. Mr Robert Kerry has been nominated the club’s next President. He was nominated and has been offered the prestigious position. Bob has accepted the position and all the members have congratulated him. He will hand over the presidential medal of The Holdsworth club at the next physical meeting.

Condolence on Death of David Evans

It was sad news that one of Holdsworth’s club members Mr David Evans passed away recently. Most of the members already have used whatsapp and emails to express the sadness and condolence to the family. Ex. President Mr Chakrabarti and current president Mr Kerry paid attributes to the great surgeon, teacher and above all a great human being. He was a trainer of many of the members, they mentioned his capabilities, good nature, hard work and dedication to teaching and training for the juniors. Mr Tom smith said that he was the true follower of Sir Frank Wild Holdsworth, and always showed that dedication, and loyalty to his teaching and work like Sir F W Holdsworth.

Upcoming Meetings of the club

All members of the club know that few of our programmes meetings and tours has been cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic. We have discussed the next plan depending upon the new developments with the vaccinations plan and control of Pandemic. After discussion we agreed to a few potential plans.

  1. Another virtual meeting on Zooms first week of July 2021

  2. Porton Down visit in October 2021 {depending upon pandemic}

  3. The club meeting November 2021 at Northern General Sheffield.

  4. The club meeting March/April 2022 at Halifax.

  5. Overseas trip to Malta (depending on Pandemic situation)

Thanks to Brian to for the trip to Cyprus, arranged last time and potentially organising a Trip to Malta in future(2022) as well Porton Down visit in October2021.

List of the club Members

Secretary of the club has compiled the list of members and will be attached within minutes of the meetings. Some people have been taken off the list and it may be a good idea to take those off who are not interested to stay on the list. Secretary of the club will contact all members to confirm their intentions and send photographs to stay on the list.

A suggestion was made to have photographs of all the members to save and add to the web page of the THC in future. Secretary of the club will make a request to all members on whatsapp in the next few weeks.


Recruitment of new members

As we understand that some active members are reaching the age of retirement, and others not able to continue, so there is a need to recruit more active members for the club. We have some suggestions from the members for others and there are more to add to the list, please feel free if you can see any potential person to be a member let us know with the permission of president and consensus of the club members we can recruit new members.

Professor G Bentley Honorary member

Mr Bala Venkat Pinderfield hospital Wakefield.

Mr Mark Davis Sheffield.

These are three potential new members to be recruited in future.


It is our ambition to have a web page with the history of the club and old and new members and also all activities posted. There is opportunity to add research work, innovations and publications to add for trainees. Any innovative contribution to the trusts and hospitals can be added.

The meeting was closed